interlude (no. 4)

interlude (no. 4)


where are you

double process (the pursuit of platinum)

double process (the pursuit of platinum)

double process brunette to blonde

I wanted to be 80′s movie villain blonde. Bottle of peroxide on the lam blonde. Put a body through a wood chipper blonde. Platinum.

I spent four and a half hours alternating from the wash basin to a corner seat with aluminum foil layered through my hair. A thing that was peculiarly heavy on my small head, with a smell that made my mouth feel all metal and goosebumps raise on my skin. The burning sensation was minimal. I hadn’t washed my hair for four days beforehand and I think that helped. I hope it helped… I spent two days too long with greasy hair.

The hardest part is knowing when to stop. When your hair turns to candy floss and your scalp is all red and still the you in the mirror is too dark, too yellow. The allure of white. Four and a half hours nearly got me, but not quite there. I’m jonesing for a next session. Bleach me.

Four and a half hours is all it takes to turn you into a high maintenance woman. Already I’ve doubled my morning routine – more hair product, more blow dry, more… navel gazing. Where before I could fly under the radar, today I have a golden hair-hat crowning my head. It commands attention (I think) and I kind of like that (I think). It’s all virgin territory.

Which is not to say that I haven’t figured some things out along the way. I’m forever grateful for my Wen cleansing conditioner, for bronzer (Chanel) and purple mascara (Yves Saint Laurent). Somehow black, which overpowers my closet, seems too severe now, and blue, is everything.


interlude (no. 3)

interlude (no. 3)

kafka on the shore

i want to swim along the sands of your back

music (Todd Terje feat. Bryan Ferry)

music (Todd Terje feat. Bryan Ferry)

because I’ve been playing this song at least 3 times a day for the last month or so and its high-time we share something together

                 let’s lose ourselves in a tunnel

pretty in punk (beautiful body jewelry)

pretty in punk (beautiful body jewelry)


via REVS magazine


Anna de Rijk


via Sophie Bille Brahe


Rebeca Marcos


via Vogue UK


via i-D Magazine

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 11.36.15 AM
nose piercing
via REVS magazineAnna de Rijkvia Sophie Bille BraheRebeca Marcosvia Vogue UKvia i-D Magazineahdk3697NIR003RDR_grandeil_570xN.578549279_982yScreen Shot 2014-04-13 at 11.36.15 AMnose piercingnadinenosering1391

A stack of fashion magazines is collecting on my coffee table, bringing pause to nipple rings and daith piercings, and if only I had the nose for it I’d totally get my septum pierced today. A delicate gold hoop to pair with tailored blazers and groomed hair. Petal pink lipstick. Nothing should be too pretty.

But despite what’s trending among all the cool kids, the hunt for beautiful body jewelry bears little reward. I know this because I am on the hunt myself (after one particularly sleepless night tossing hotly in a hotel room, my barbell unscrewed itself discreetly and rolled lost into the dark). Even with New York City at my disposal the options are limited. Too much of this floating around. The piercing is punk, but the jewelry should be feminine and delicate. This is about balance.

Two places in the city break the trend – New York Adorned and Venus by Maria Tash. Both places have a patient and educated staff, will fit you for the right jewelry, and have a beautiful (though modest) selection of body jewelry. Most importantly, these places are welcoming. No secret handshake required.

Two winters ago I was pierced at Venus by Maria Tash, so I can personally attest to its excellence (as can a whole slew of celebrities, if their website is to be believed). But if you can’t make it to New York, there are some exceptional jewelry options hiding online as well – see everything above.

|ABOVE| navel jewelry at New York Adorned, navel jewelry by BVLA, nipple jewelry by BVLA, nipple jewelry by MyBellyRing, septum jewelry by siharah, septum jewelry at Venus by Maria Tash, septum jewelry by BVLA, nose ring by nadinessra, earlets by BVLA