hair (blonde ambition)

by wingandwell


Shopping at the Whole Foods on Houston this past Monday, I saw the most perfect Anja Rubik-lookalike buying Greek yogurt, dressed all cool in a muscle tee and Converse All-Stars, and I just stared there fantasizing about stealing the hair off right off her head while blocking everyone else from the milk display. It’s true, I think, that when you have short hair you can’t help but check out every other babe rocking the same do.

This Whole Foods Anja Rubik, who was not the real Anja Rubik but most definitely a model with Anja Rubik-like hair, has inspired me to dye my own locks blonde, and maybe eat some more Greek yogurt too. I’ve started testing these waters by sloppily photoshopping the color onto my head and then placing this image next to my brunette evil twin for comparison (please see above).

I’m hoping you all will weigh in with your hard-hitting opinions and facts so I don’t have to make this decision all on my own. Stay brunette or go blonde? For the record, Wes is pro-blonde, but I kind of get the feeling he’d love me regardless and that just won’t do.

So what say you… blonde or brunette? Sound off in the comments!