spring (tease)

by wingandwell

spring is a wet psycho bitch

I’m going to slip back in here like I was never gone. Sneaky-like, just start putting up new content and hope you all can forgive (and forget) my extended absence.

Spring, spring, spring, you’re such a fucking tease. A couple days I spent in wild abandon – bare legs and a jean jacket, chasing the sunny side of the street – and then the next, my umbrella was inside out, a veritable bowl above my head (though it did keep my hair dry). I’m living in skinny jeans and an army jacket these days, too many versions of the same chambray shirt. “If you’re bored, you’re boring!” they say, to which I reply “How would you like this nice umbrella?”

Where did we last leave off… well, I still haven’t found a new purse, but don’t think it doesn’t haunt me every single day. I had an easier time finding a husband. It isn’t all doldrums and dark clouds though – there are some promising new options, things I can’t wait to share with you all here. I’ve been rabidly flipping through fashion magazines and scanning the racks at my favorite stores –  desperate  attempts to satisfy the itch that begs, just one more thing. It’s a symptom of Spring, I think. Now here is what’s currently on my list.


|ABOVE| Marc by Marc Jacobs zora umbrella, Zara combination poplin studio shirt, Acne vintage washed denim jacket (similar here and here), Alexander Wang leather bralette (similar here and here), By Malene Birger ticcal striped crop top